Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The next Andy Goldsworthy

As I hunt for my art classroom, I spend my time during the week watching two of the coolest kiddos I know.  The are artistic, imaginative, creative, adventurous, with the perfect amount of silly.  I spend a lot of time with K.  He's my buddy, my dude, my quirky 'lil guy who constantly amazes me.

Yesterday, after picking him up from school, I could tell he had a mission when we pulled up to the house.  He ran in the house, shorts falling down, because they were on backwards, and his big cowboy boots and grabbed two cups and came running back outside.  He instructed me to fill my cup with berries from the trees in front of their house.  We were going to pick, wash and set them out for the birds to eat. 

Little did I know that he was going to do what he did next....

My thought was to add some berries to the nook... but he had a different idea!
I was amazed when he started fitting the branches in between the trunks.

These pictures don't do the piece justice.  It was amazing and changed over the course of about 45 minutes.  When things didn't work out, he improvised.  He did it all alone.  

 This is a piece he created for his "worm farm" which contained no worms, only rollie pollies.  (I just realized I have NO idea how to spell that!!!)

 This is his secret cactus in the woods.  He placed all of the rocks around it and posts to protect it.  Again, the picture... doesn't do it justice!

I love living here in Austin.  You can go places that are on your everyday route and see something special.  These are from a hike that I took in the Greenbelt.

 Love. Love. LOVE!  Now you can do it if he can do it.... and he's only 4!!!! 

Challenge:  Next time you are out, make something.  Nature art, installation, anything....snap a photo and send it to fartsyarts@gmail.com

If I get any submissions (since this blog is new) I will post them here!!

Tell me your first name:
What you call it:
Where you made it:

Have a great day!!!

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